The Next Big Things in Augmented Reality

#Augmented Reality

Augmented reality – technology that allows us to combine our physical world and objects on the screen.

From filters on Instagram, military technologies, choosing furniture in Ikea, using it in schools for students to get a better understanding of a new topic to new medical approaches where doctors can have a better understanding of a human body without actually having the body on the table, augmented reality is used in countless ways. 

It has slowly infiltrated into our daily life so smoothly that maybe we haven’t even noticed ourselves using it every single day.

But here comes the question – what’s next?

Could it be possible that augmented reality becomes a tool so powerful that it drives conventional methods off the market?

Will it take over our everyday life so we don’t need people for the actual task anymore but only for having them as machine operators?

Well, we have to take a little pause here and remind ourselves that augmented reality is not virtual reality. These are two different things.

Virtual reality is when you have a screen attached to your face and you can only see the virtual world. No one cares what the weather outside is like, what time it is or if your breakfast is burning on the stove. On the other hand, augmented reality is not looking at a screen. It’s looking out into the real world, to your actual life, with some little extras in it. Augmented reality will definitely help our daily life but not take it over. So to jokingly say, augmented reality can give us superpowers.


Here are some examples of those superpowers that the future may hold for us:


  • The future of learning – Imagine going into a natural history museum and seeing all the dinosaurs and fossils. Imagine all the secrets that they carry. With augmented reality, you don’t need to imagine any more. You might have the possibility to picture the latest theory about those creatures on your mobile screen and to see all these dinosaurs with feathers or scales that they might have had in their natural surroundings or see what a war-ravaged town looked like long ago.
  • Machine repair, maintenance and development – With augmented reality, we could have a step-by-step manual for repairing our home appliances telling us not to unscrew this pipe – otherwise “this” or “this” could happen. It can help us to figure out the next developments on already working machine by creating the end result without actually starting the work before we even know if we fail or succeed. Or we can create a digital twin to test our theory out before moving one to our actual machine.
  • The only thing limiting us is the speed of typing – At the moment we can develop computer code as fast as we can type. Computers will only understand the information that we physically type in. What it we can place sensors on our body and transfer our thoughts to the computer…. by only thinking. Imagine the computer creating formulas and calculations for us when we only think of an end result.
  • Connecting with people and doing business in the same place while being at different ends of the world – Most of us have used Skype, FaceTime or some other programs to hold a conference call. Talking to a bunch of people, khmm… actually talking to yourself in an empty room can be quite tiring. But we all have seen holograms from movies and having the real opportunity to project ourselves to other places to take part in a conference or just to talk with family members would be something really wonderful

    These are only a few examples of what the future can hold for us. One thing is clear- augmented reality has a lot to offer us.