Pros of Augmented Reality

#Augmented Reality

AR Augmented Reality:

I am sure you are aware of Virtual Reality (VR), the AI integrated technology which took the world by storm recently. Augmented Reality technology treads a similar path, although there are major differences between the two. While VR takes users to a completely different virtual dimension, augmented reality technology adds digital elements to our existing reality to give us a different perception of our surroundings.

We are already using AR technology through mobile phone apps, perhaps without our knowledge, on a day to day basis. Snapchat filters, sketcher app, google translate, etc., all use AR augmented reality.

It is also being utilized in retail with commercial business owners turning to it for better marketing and advertisment. A big success story of augmented reality technology is the Ikea augmented reality catalogue. To boost their sales, Ikea developed Ikea Place, an AR integrated software which allows customers to pick and place the company’s furniture where they would like to see it go. This allows shoppers to get a realistic idea of the decoration and helps them make decisions.

Augmented reality has taken technology to the next level and has the potential to significantly ease human lives. Let’s take a look at the prospects of AR augmented reality:

  • Has the potential to upgrade the present education system: AR can be used to create a better learning environment for students. Digitalized and enhanced visualization of the topics can provide a better perception for students as well as lead to a more interactive and inclusive class.
  • Give a better shopping experience to buyers and sellers: While helping sellers get more publicity and branding, it also aids shoppers in making decisions by providing a perception of the item they want to purchase.
  • Can save more lives: Features of AR technology can be used by doctors to access patients’ data more quickly and efficiently to make decisions faster.
  • Can connect the world and make everyone more interactive: AR allows us to enhance our perceptions about the world and see our surroundings in a different way.