Why should you care?

Let customers experience your products through AR and grow product sales by up to 400%.

Lower product returns

Augmented reality helps your customers make decisions without having to rely on paper mock-ups, product samples, or their own imagination. One in three less product returns if product can be experienced in AR.

Increased conversion rate

Forget boring sales presentations. Make your products more appealing and impress the client with your Augmented Reality app. Clients with AR view of a product are 400% more likely to make a purchase.

Higher customer engagement

AR shows customers exactly how something is going to look in real time. And this will save ton’s of time. With AR content time spent on your site and with your products increases by up to 300%.

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Customer feedback

SilenSpace.com Success Story

Today, Silen AR+ app has proven to be a strong sales tool. Our team also uses it actively, especially in the sales pitch. Our app always brings a wide smile on customers’ faces and creates a big interest in our business. You have been a quick, flexible and creative partner, and we look forward to our next cooperation.

Endrus Arge,

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How it works

Provide 3D models

Connect to Alpha AR

Experience AR

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Start a free 14-day trial right now! No credit card required. Cancel any time.

About AlphaAR

Alpha AR has been a pioneer in augmented reality scene from the late 2016. We have seen the potential that augmented reality could have on our everyday shopping habits so we are on a mission to make AR available, cheaper and easier to any retailer plus to make it more usable for consumers.

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