Augmented reality is the future
of Smart eCommerce

Increased Customer Engament

Lower Product Returns

Increased Conversion Rates

We bring the online shopping experience into the customer’s reality​

Why should you use AR?

Let's find out...

It’s not magic,
it’s reality with
a bit of spice.

Drive More Revenue

AR increases trust in purchasers that the product suits their needs

Stand Out From Competition

Make products more appealing and increase lifetime value

Engaging Customer Experience

AR allows your customers to look and feel your products

Strong Customer Referral

Customers will notice your campaigns (and remember them!)

Increase Conversion Rate

AR attracts attention - increase the acquisition of new customers

Lower Product Returns

Happier customers and fewer shopping cart abandonments


“Today, Silen AR+ app has proven to be a strong marketing tool. Our sales team also uses it actively, especially in the sales pitch. Our app always brings a wide smile on ustomers' faces and creates a big interest in our business. We have many ideas, how to make good use of the app's huge growth potential. This requires further development, in which we count on you. You have been a quick, flexible and creative partner, and we look forward to our next cooperation.”


Drive More Revenue 4 With Simple Steps

1. 3D Model Creation

Already have 3D models – skip the scanning process and make an account.
Don`t have 3D models – Buy 3D Scanner from us.
Download our scanning app and digitalize your products into accurate. photorealistic 3D models.
Automatically upload 3D models into Alpha platform.

2. Alpha Cloud Platform

Store your models in our secure platform.

Edit and customize product information, improve 3D models, link each 3D model with relevant product in your e-shop.

Add embed code to your website so your products will have augmented reality capability.

3. 3D Product Viewer Plugin

Thanks to our unique technology you can sense the new approach to sales.

Simply connect our 3D product viewer snippet with your online platform and let your customers smile.

Let your customers interact with your products.

4. Augmented Reality App

Let them feel the aesthetics of the products.

Our use cases have shown that every 3rd client who can look and feel the product before the end decision will most likely to buy.

Alpha AR augmented reality

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