Why augmented reality is essential?

Let customers experience your products through AR and grow product sales.

More customers

61% of shoppers prefer stores which offer augmented reality experiences.

Increased revenue

71% would return more often and 40% would pay more for a product if they could experience it in AR.

Higher customer engagement

69% of consumers now expect retailers to launch AR apps within the next six months.

Want to rocket your company?


Customer feedback

SilenSpace.com Success Story

Today, Silen AR+ app has proven to be a strong sales tool. Our team also uses it actively, especially in the sales pitch. Our app always brings a wide smile on customers’ faces and creates a big interest in our business. You have been a quick, flexible and creative partner, and we look forward to our next cooperation.

Endrus Arge,

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How it works

3D content creation

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About Alpha AR

Alpha AR has been a pioneer in augmented reality scene from the late 2016. We have seen the potential that augmented reality could have on our everyday shopping habits so we are on a mission to make AR available, cheaper and easier to any retailer plus to make it more usable for consumers.

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Enterprise Estonia, in co-operation with the European Regional Development Fund, supported the activities of the project “Alpha AR” created by Alpha AR OÜ in the period of 21.08.2019-10.12.2019 in the amount of EUR 20 000.00